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Color & Advice

Dream in COLORĀ 

Your most beautiful hair color will bring out the subtleties of your skin tone and enhance its natural beauty. Skin tone is extremely important and serves as a guide for hair color. Many people don’t realize that hair color changes over time–light hair becomes mousy and dark hair goes dull. Adding lightness and brightness to blonde hair or making brunettes richer can revive your complexion and make you look younger.Help your colorist find your perfect shade.

Bring in a picture–of yourself

Your skin tone has been passed down to you from generation upon generation. The amount and type of melanin you have–a natural substance that gives your skin, hair, and eyes their color– not only dictates which make up colors work best on you, but also what shade of hair color is most flattering. Dig up a childhood photo. Hair tends to darken as we age, so looking at your roots isn’t a good representation of your “natural” color. Most women in their 30s and 40s need to lighten their base by about two shades to get back to the hair color that really makes their skin glow.

Communicate in pictures

Words like ” warm” or “ashy” can be confusing; so try to find pictures of the shade you are going for rather than describe it.Look to the stars for inspiration. Then share your “dream” look. The idea is to find shades in your hair color’s familly and figure out the hues that are hidden in your hair natrually. Then bring out those desired tones with LOW-LIGHTS or or an all over GLAZE. Stay within one to two shades (darker or lighter) than your natural or current hair color.

Consider the hair you have

Ask your colorist the following questions… if your desired color will work with your hair type? How should you care for your newly colored hair?How often should you schedule touch ups? Now work with your colorist to customize the look with the hair type you have. Nothing looks worse than overworked, unhealthy hair, so get your tresses in tip top shape before attempting a color “overhaul”. The right shampoo, and conditioner help guarantee you’ll end up with killer shine and pretty tone-on-tone dimension.


What’s hot now? We are seeing a swap : sun soaked, bleached out highlights for a glimmering gold. Avoid chunky streaks and precise ,striped strands. Instead opt for all-over permenant color, which allows your natural highlights to shine through without looking too forced. Blonde celebrity instirations : Cate Blanchett, Kate Hudson, Gisele Bundchen.

Reccomended best hair care for Blondes is Aloxxi colourcare Volumizing and Strenghtening Shampoo and Conditioner.


What’s hot now? Cinnamon lowlights create a halo effect by adding dimension and contrast. Aloxxi Chroma (6rk)Ravish Me In Ravenna is a dark red copper blonde that can be applied in small sections all throughout your head.Brunette celebrity inspirations:Emmy Rossum, Maria Menounos,Halle Berry.


What’s hot now?Try a vibrant shade with hints of auburn.Try to achieve a warmer, richer red. To get the depth and make the shade POP, add fine highlights in crown and deeper lowlights underneath. Reds NEED to be color balanced and sealed with a PM Shines Clear Glaze,it will enhance the life of your color. Celebrity Red inspirations:Julianne Moore,Debra Messing,Bryce Dallas Howard.


What’s hot now?Expertly placed Butterscotch or Toffee shades to break up the darkness and add radience to your mane.. Highlights in very dark hair can look “over-done”, so get “LIT-FROM-WITHIN”. Foils that are placed around the perimiter of of your head, not on top. Or a gradual shade change on the ends of your hair-OMBRE`. Celebrity inspirations: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Sandra Oh, Ashanti